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Как Сделать Машину Из Лего Без Инструкции далее. Канал: BBC Earth Lab. Is Cracking Your Knuckles Bad For You? Greg Foot answers whether or not you can get arthritis from cracking your knuckles?

DIEGhostfish: Heh, Vice, Vise, Grip-strength. R a n d o m n e s s: It’s not bubbles look it up, I can pop my wrist nonstop, I can pop it 100+ times without stopping probably way over 100 B_kursed: I crack my knuckles and wrists, and when I’ve been waking up in the morning my joints feel stiff and feel over used. Does anyone else get this? Mr Balloon Gaming: Kids have been arguing about this topic and then I proved me wrong with facts Kirito XxX: My father said that if i continue cracking my fingers.

My joints will inflate or something Maritoni Abella: Don't judge me but I'm a girl and I crack my knuckles.